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"Flash Development Toolkit [Programming software] | Renesas Electronics America"

The Renesas Flash Development Toolkit is a product used to write programs for Renesas flash-type microcomputers. Some of the Renesas microcomputing products for which it was specifically developed are in the following list: the 740 family, the H8SX family, the H8 family, the H8S family, the RX family, the R8C family, the M16C family, and the SuperH RISC engine family. The toolkit is actually typically used with the High-performance Embedded Workshop, as this provides users working on embedded applications for the microcomputing unit in question to conduct their programming in a unified environment. The program’s use of an intuitive visual-interaction-focused interface renders it an easy application to get to know for more developers as well.

Users can keep track too of the development by making use of the included message logging feature. All projects are exportable thanks to an option for field programming and any mistakes can be detected and resolved before they run through a right function. Multiple checksums are supported too. The toolkit is no longer being revised by its developer, although users of the program are still being provided technical support by the company.

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