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The DsTool software is specifically geared towards those performing mathematics research: its very name actually stands for Dynamical Systems Toolkit, and its functions are more or less described by that title. In other words, this is a utility for those who need to explore dynamical systems and analyze them in various ways (including bifurcation analysis). It helps users generate phase diagrams and visualize the dynamical systems and their trajectories. This means that uses can rely on it to create images they can use for their research or publications and also to analyze and manage data relating to their computations.

The tool is actually intended to be highly interoperable with GeomView, which means most users actually do use both programs together. Using the program with GeomView opens up 3D image viewing possibilities too, specifically if the user saves his visualizations in the GeomView format. The progrm’s GUI was created with Tcl/Tk and is known for its ease of use among mathematics researchers. It was created at Cornell University’s Center for Applied Mathematics and is distributed freely by the university, which means no registration or payment is required for those who want to install it.

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