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Boris FX from the similarly named Boris FX software company is a 3D graphics processing product. Boris FX supports layering and is also capable of creating an unlimited number of layers for a single project; with differing apply modes for different layers. This lets users craft uniquely structured and sophisticated image effects. Besides that, the software supports import of oversized images (for panning and similar animations).

Being a 3D graphics program, it also has tools for creating, importing, mapping and manipulating 3D objects. Users can draw primitive shapes using the program and extrude them as desired, even adding realistic effects such as textures and reflections. A complex gradient creator and animator is added to the package, along with an audio file importer for adding sound effects, cues and tracks for projects. Volumetric lighting, vector painting, motion tracking, video stabilization, After Effects filter support and plug-in support, more than 100 bundled effects, and support for OpenGL previews all come together to make Boris FX a comprehensive solution for 3D graphics processing and video compositing. The program also ships with its own library browser, which includes sample and template compositions.

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