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The MAGIX PanoramaStudio software is a panoramic photo sequence re-combiner and postprocessor. In other words, it can be used to recreate panoramic or wide-angle shots from a series of individual photos. The program is capable of automatically aligning images to ensure maximum smoothness in the recombined image and also makes use of edge-free blending procedures for the actual recombination. Photo post-processing options are manual so that users can have maximum control over their images and multiple filter selections can be chosen for users who want to edit their images further. The software is also able to detect focal length automatically, perform lens distortion repairs, and correct image exposure by itself.

Panoramic images can be saved as images, screensavers, or dynamic (interactive) files. The user can save them as images with multiple layers as well if he wants to work on them further using third-party graphics processors. It can import RAW files, is compatible with more than 2,000 cameras, has the capacity to insert objects into the photo (objects being vector graphics such as brand logos and text for a signature), and can make use of mask tools.

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