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"Advanced Photo Recovery Software - Recover lost, deleted Photos, Supports Windows / Mac Hard Drives, iPod, Memory Card"

Disk Doctors Photo Recovery Software is a solution for those who often “lose” files on their storage media, either through reckless presses of the delete key, faulty storage media showing up as “unformatted” on the computer, or some unknown computer glitch. Provided these people do not lose their heads and write (save, that is) a new file onto the storage medium where the file was originally stored, most “lost files” are actually still recoverable by special programs—Photo Recovery Software is an example of such applications.

Using professional file recovery techniques, it can scan disks for the remainders of the lost or deleted files and thus recover it for the user. The utility is actually capable of accessing different types of storage media, from computer drives to SD cards. It can also recover more than just photos, despite its name: video as well as audio files can be retrieved too. Furthermore, the utility supports retrieval of deleted RAW image files, so users can connect it directly to camera cards in order to retrieve a photo accidentally deleted through the camera interface.

The recovery program can be used on either Windows or Mac, with 32-bit and 64-bit support for the former.

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