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Autodesk Quantity Takeoff is a cost estimation utility that Autodesk markets to construction, design and building professionals to help them better manage and plan their designs in line with their budgets. It can carry out a takeoff operation on a complete building information model within mere minutes by leveraging both two-dimensional and three-dimensional data about that design. It also supports manual takeoff, which is to say that it can be used to run a takeoff of a PDF, JPG, or similar file format.

Users are also allowed to explore their models in an interactive viewing mode so that they can better carry out their costing and estimations. Data quantification is simple and dynamic, and users are also given the tools necessary for generating myriad report types, including summaries as well as surveying documents. They can link quantities to objects as well.

Quantity Takeoff is compatible with the Professional version of Windows XP, and with Windows Vista as well as 7. Both x86 and x64 versions will run the program smoothly, and users have several localizations from which to choose, although they are advised to select the localization that matches their OS’s language.

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