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"Steganos Privacy Suite 17 - Steganos – Privacy Software made easy"

The Steganos Privacy Suite is branded as the digital version of a vault. Users can store every bit of virtual property they feel valuable enough to require to be specially protected: this can mean passwords, private documents, or confidential business reports. The program allows the user to place these in a password-protected, 348-bit encrypted folders (called “safes”). Each safe is encrypted using the AES-XEX technique and can hold as much as a terabyte of data each—and users can even move safes to cloud storage through Dropbox integration.

The program also has a password manager and generator. The user need only remember his master password to the program, which will then create high-quality passwords that it shall remember for him. Provided he is logged onto the program, it will automatically fill in those passwords after he has submitted his own master password to the software. Other features are a picture password generator (where the password comes from clicking a set of photos in the right order), an encryption utility for password-protecting email content, a privacy tool for hiding certain bookmarks on the user’s browser, and a military-grade digital shredder.

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