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HyperLynx Thermal is a program that allows users to simulate PCB router setups and placement so as to gain a reasonable expectation of the thermal impact of a particular setup. It makes use of the principles of physics to calculate the actual convection, conduction and radiation values in a given board scenario. The result is an accurate model of the thermal map of a given board system, allowing PCB engineers to figure out early on whether or not their designs are safe from overheating. This is critical in sound product development as well as in warranty-related expenses for the manufacturer of a particular product. Provided with a thermal simulation, the engineer can after all identify the areas of greatest heating and devise cooling solutions or heat sinks in accordance with the design. The program can run an endless number of simulations, allowing for just about every thermal mapping or analytical scenario.

HyperLynx Thermal’s accuracy has been rated at -/+10%. Most commonly used PCB components are already preloaded into the program, although users can also create models to add to the library as needed. It can also import different types and shapes of boards.

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