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"Additional sets of jigsaw puzzles for BrainsBreaker"

In order to understand what the Brainsbreaker additional puzzles are, you have to know first how Brainsbreaker works. Brainsbreaker is a puzzle-making and puzzle-playing application. The game is preloaded with a large number of puzzles (jigsaw-type ones, by the way) by default, but once the player has completed all of them, he can continue playing on the software by using it to generate new jigsaw puzzles he can save onto his computer. Puzzles can also be customized heavily, with users selecting not only the number of pieces but also their shapes—users are even given default settings for skill levels, which can help guide them as they make their own puzzles.

The user can add to the default (preloaded) puzzles in the program by downloading and installing the additional puzzles supplied by the developer. The puzzles are generally made available in packs of 8-12, although larger sets are also available for sale. The puzzles are handpicked from high-resolution images and often have a unifying theme within a set: for instance, one set may involve images dominated by largely sharp, geometric lines and shapes. Another may be of scenes of nature. All of them require Brainsbreaker to be installed on the computer.

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