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Cryo Networks, a subsidiary of Cryo Interactive, was formed in December 1997. This company is aimed at producing and circulating online applications. Cryo
Networks preserves its proprietary online multimedia development framework, called Standard Cryo On Line (SCOL). Aside from SCOL, Cryo also makes MMPORGs
including Scotland Yard, Deo Gratias, Mankind, and Fire Team. SCOL, which is generally used in three-dimensional real time and applications with multiple
uses, is a type of functional and interpreted language. This software’s 3D engine is based after Ogre3D. A lot of its extensions can build up performances
and SCOL will eventually become a multi-platform.

Codes written in SCOL are executed and read on all of its supported platforms, with the exception of certain functions. Cryo Networks has developed the
following games: FOG… Seek the Hidden Truth, Treasure Hunt 2001: The Mask of Nefer, Scotland Yard, and La Prision: La fuga de Don Vito.

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