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The DeskTopAuthor software from DNAML is an all-in solution for e-publishing. It can serve as a creator for e-publications, it can publish those texts online, and it gives users a platform for selling their work. The program supports the creation of a long list of digital publications: ebooks, media-rich presentations, electronic catalogues, product or brand brochures, photo and video albums, and manuals. Given its flexibility, it can be used not only by self-publishing authors but also by home users who want to create free photo albums to distribute to family members for special occasions, or even by business owners looking to make brand documents and ad material.

The program supports media insertion into ebooks, and also permits the user to create interactive ebooks instead of standard (static) text publications. Publications can have internal hyperlinks to facilitate user navigation as well as referencing. Users can manage publication sales through payment processors such as PayPal and are also given the ability to create preview-friendly ebooks that ask the user to pay for full access. Furthermore, the user can add digital rights protection to his work via the program.

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