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"TEXTEDITOR.COM - Boxer Text Editor for Windows"

The Boxer Text Editor is a text editing tool used by programmers to write, edit and view code for apps. The program is easily one of the most powerful applications of its kind on the market, which, combined with its relatively low price compared to its competitors, have also gained it a decent following over the years. It has been said that the distinguishing features of the Boxer Text Editor can be summed up in two points: its enormous feature-set, and its highly user-friendly interface.

The application is equipped with a robust macro language, HTML/hex/binary editing, syntax highlighting, keystroke recording, multiple undo and redo capabilities, and color syntax printing. It allows users to work on files as large as 2GB and also packs auto-complete and spell-checking features. Users can manipulate column blocks on it, reconfigure their keyboards, configure the program toolbar, edit Unicode files, leverage FTP technology, access calculator and calendar tools, work on it using a dual-monitor setup for improved productivity, and more. All of these features come bundled into a very simple interface, however: one that has been described as easy to use and configure even for beginners.

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