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The QXDM Professional software is also known as the Qualcomm eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor. It is a utility for those who have devices using Qualcomm ASICs and trial hardware, and allows them to test, evaluate and potentially diagnose issues in the RF performance of their mobile devices. It is often used in order to facilitate product development of these devices.

Using the software, users can see all the signaling messages made by their mobile devices, as the software generates a log of them. These logs can be annotated through the software as well. Any mix of network and phone parameters can be added to the screens, and users are allowed to use complex formulae when working with their parameters. Myriad statistical data is also generated by the program in real-time so that users can better identify potential performance issues. Users can access Markov statistics, Mux statistics, RLP statistics, the block error rate, mobility management data, paging and access statistics, forward and reverse link statistics, and more. The program also gives users a graphic display of the portable device’s signals. The program is compatible with Windows operating systems.

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