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"Dynacom Technologies Inc. | Vos défis technologiques sont nos défis"

Dynacom Accounting Startup Edition is a type of accounting software. This program was made especially for SMEs. This application can support a good amount of transactions. It also provides different kinds of functions, such as the network environment, the Squares, CRM, and the multi-enterprise. This program is available in English. Dynacom Accounting Startup Edition was made with small businesses and entrepreneurs in mind. This version of the program contains all of its functionalities that are needed for the regular management of accounting needs. This includes accounts that are both payable and receivable, project management, inventory management, and payrolls.

This version has some accounting tools, a matrix inventory management, and some non-taxable deposits. There are also reserved quantities of management, linked sale and purchase orders, and new reports. Other features include an advanced project management, where users can handle their projects by activities. They can also make progressive invoicing, holdbacks, and improved performances and tools. The Dynacom Accounting Startup Edition contains a role-based security, a synchronization of databases, an integrated EDI, and a financial statement generator.

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