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"EFILive - EFILive Tuning Tool"

EFILive Tuning Tool is a tuning or calibration utility for automotive data logging and programming devices. The software is capable of displaying controller data on the user’s computer or through the user’s FlashScan V2 device (which is a separate purchase). It supports multiple vehicle data storage and displays the tuning-related data in easy-to-understand visual representations such as tables and graphs. Users can better analyze automotive performance with the help of the data it presents to them, specifically by identifying possible causes for problems.

The program is designed to speed up tuning by performing most of the relevant computations automatically. For instance, it spares users the time and effort of calculating the appropriate alterations to correct a problem in fuel delivery by computing for them itself using the data it has gathered. It supports VE tables as well as having a Virtual VE feature that compensates for automobiles without them, makes use of a Real-Time Automated Calibration System, can work with other automotive calibration and performance-improvement applications and devices, and also has automatic encryption for all tuning files, with users being capable of setting specific access restrictions on their tune files.

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