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"Apex Software"

Apex Medina is an appraisal program designed to facilitate CAD floor plan drafting, as well as accurate area calculations and data entry. It is one of the most widely used sketching applications for appraisers, and has also been confirmed to run perfectly on the Windows 7 operating system.

The application is equipped with PhotoMetrics, which means that users can load a variety of media or graphics into it for precision tracing and sketching. Users can thus load graphics such as aerial photographs of a lot or property records into the software and use those as visual guides for a traced sketch. It also has drawing cloning or area duplication facilities, so those who want to create symmetrical or repeat-pattern floorplans—such as duplexes—can work on just one floor plan and replicate it afterwards. Cloning can replicate all details in the source too, so labels and notes are reproduced.

Apex Medina also comes with a user-friendly interface and the option for users to save their sketches directly as images. The program comes with orthometric support so that users who draw with a computer mouse can produce drafts more efficiently.

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