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jetVideo is a free video file player from jetAudio. It can play AVI, ASF, WMF, MPG, MPEG, OGM, DIVX, OGM, MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, QT, and MP4 video files. Disc media can be played as well; however, while it can play VCDs with its own codecs, it will require a third-party codec for DVD playback. For users who already have that on their computer, DVD playback is good to go.

The program supports tag editing, multi-channel audio tracks, crossfading features, subtitling, remote control, speed control, and equalizer adjustments. The utility is skinnable, and users can even craft their own unique skins to give their player a distinctive appearance. Like the jetAudio utility, jetVideo also supports real-time sound effect application: users can hear video soundtracks with effects such as reverb applied to give them the full theatrical experience they want when viewing videos at home.

Adding the extension pack to the software also gives jetVideo conversion functions for certain input/target file formats. AVI, WMV, MPG, OGM, MKV, MP4, and FLV files can be converted into any of the following files: AVI, MP4, MP4 (PSP version), and WMV.

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