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"ClickFORMS Appraisal Software | Bradford Technologies, Inc."

The ClickForms software is intended for use by appraisal professionals in completing reports, and other forms typically used in their line of work: there are hundreds of forms built into the software as templates that can be filled out by the user whenever they are called for. Users can create multiple databases on the software, whether for listing neighborhoods or for listing clients. Databases can be modified on the fly as well with the help of drag and drop compatibility. Forms themselves can be rearranged at will and users can insert visuals into various forms to help lend a more graphic touch to their reports.

A single ClickForms report may contain more than one form and the application itself supports multi-form workflow by permitting the user to open any number of forms at once. Entries can be dragged across reports and there is a tool for adding digital signatures to documents. There are also extensions available for users of RapidSketch, AreaSketch and Apex Medina. Furthermore, users get access to an unrestricted number of location maps on the Web. The ClickForms program is compatible with Windows XP to 8.1.

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