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"Financial Planning Software | Money Tree Software"

Silver Financial Planning is an easy yet effective program made for planners who are always on the go. Money Tree’s Silver intuitive navigation, and its descriptive reports lets users spend more time with their clients, and lesser time making their plans. The program’s side-by-side scenarios instantly allow rich interactions between clients. The Desktop edition has quick data entry, as well as an easy user interface. It can also manage clients. Users can utilize Silver Financial Planning for their education, estate plans, insurance plans, and even their retirement plans. It is a good platform for meaningful conversations. The online edition includes everything in the desktop version. It has streamlined data entry, with access to its clients. It is also tablet friendly, and can be used for reporting office managers.

This program can graphically illustrate retirement situations. It can be used to solve retirement shortages. Silver Financial Planning’s live ‘what if’ changes can demonstrate concepts, as well as planning opportunities. This program can also illustrate insurance needs, retirement savings, drawdowns, and wealth accumulation. Users will be able to compute for their savings that are needed for education, with college tuition and housing databases. Three scenarios can be contrasted with the present plan.

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