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"Global Collaboration and Analytics Platforms for Chemistry, Biology, and Clinical Research"

CS ChemDraw Ultra is marketed as “a chemical drawing solution” by CambridgeSoft for chemists who need a way to generate polished, professional and scientifically-accurate visualizations of chemical objects or structures. The program should be capable of handling a drawing task for just about any type of chemistry-related visualization. It can handle stereochemistry drawings and can produce graphics for polymers, organometals, biopolymers, peptides, DNA sequences, amino acids, and RNA sequences.

CS ChemDraw Ultra is also able to make spectra, perform calculations for reaction stiochiometry, and generate appropriate IUPAC nomenclature. It can help the user identify compounds he needs for a particular project, based on user-defined compound properties. It also has atom numbering capabilities, a rich library of options for arrows as well as bonds, the ability to generate visualizations using full color, myriad style templates as well a structure templates, and substructural query utilities, among others. The program has many more advanced features for serious chemists or students with presentation/publication needs, and is in fact used by many noteworthy authorities in the field’s publications already: the collaborative science platform from Perkin Elmer, for instance, uses it for its visualizations.

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