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"Chief Architect Home Design Software Premier Version"

The Chief Architect Home Designer is a professional drafting and designing software. It has several versions, including the LITE version; a minimal version in comparison to other versions, but already with a standard tool set included with defaults and templates. The version of the software also already features an automatic generation of 3D models and materials list. There is also an automatic tool set for building tools construction documents.

The Chief Architect Home Designer, whichever version, has a CAD (Computer-aided design) software tools that permits fast construction drawings, and fast creation of architectural objects. The CAD has customizable details that can be tailored for efficient use. Drawing tools in the CAD also include tools for lines, polylines, splines, arcs, sun angles, and shapes. There are added tools for other basic needs such as align, distribute, copy, replicate, reflect, and others.

The Chief Architect Home Designer has several other features that is also included in the LITE version; automatic generation of rooftops, hip, gable, shed, gambrel, and dormers creation. Automatic and manual creation of specific object is also permitted such as curved roofs, stairs, framing, platforms, and foundations.

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