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"Ecotect Analysis - Sustainable Building Design Software - Autodesk"

“Ecotect - The Complete Environmental Design Tool” is just another name for Autodesk’s Ecotect Analysis software. It is an application that allows users to create structural designs—but with reference to a specific goal. Users of the software rely on it to help them meet sustainable building requirements, which they can check through the program’s analytical (thus the name) utilities.

There are several types of analyses that the software can run to check for a building design’s sustainability or environment-friendliness. The first would be energy analysis, which computes the whole structure’s estimated energy consumption and CO2 emissions per time period based on averages and climate data. The second is an analysis of the approximate efficiency of heating and cooling for the building in question, with provisions for users who want to run calculations while taking into account potential future elements such as numbers of occupants and the like. There are also analyses that can be run for computing water costs, solar radiation, daylight usage, and shadow factors. All of these can be combined to assist designers in coming up with building plans that are as environment-friendly as can be.

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