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"Greeting card software, with your own photos"

Belltech Greeting Card Designer is a greeting card designer software that enables you to create cards with your own photos, clip arts, call-outs, quotations, smiles, ready-made verse, color blends and more. You can also create either quarter-fold or half-fold cards for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any other special occasions. You can also enhance your greeting cards by adding background pic tortures, shapes like heart, moon, sun, and call-out, etc., as well as color blend effects.

The Belltech Greeting Card Designer provides several designs from a variety of templates, clip art, background pictures and poems. You can also use your own pictures, logos and designs to serve as background of the card. In addition, the program contains features similar to that of drafting and drawing applications so you can draw shapes such as rectangles, squares, circles and triangles or use freehand lines and shapes. More importantly, you can print or attach to an email the finished card. Furthermore, the program supports editing functions such as cut, copy, paste, redo and undo especially in inputting texts and designs. Elements and designs can be aligned to either left or right, top or bottom as well as rotate in any angle.

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