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Tinn-R Gui/Editor software is a free and open source R code editor that allows users to perform text processing tasks on a Windows platform. The program was primarily intended to replace Notepad, which is the default text editor for Windows operating system. In fact, it was designed to facilitate the learning and use of all the potentiality of R environment for statistical computing. It is integrated into the R and offers characteristics similar to Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Tinn-R Gui/Editor features the ability to send instructions, control and receive interpretations with the R (Rgui and Rterm) environment. In addition, the program can work with files of unlimited length as well as with several documents at the same time as in multiple document interface (MDI) and/or tabbed document interface (TDI). It also provides templates to: R script, R doc, R html, R markdown, and R noweb. It also pops up additional menu and toolbar when it detects Rgui running on the same computer. These add-ons interact with the R console and allow to submit code in part or in whole and to control R directly.

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