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"Wi-Spy + Chanalyzer - 2.4GHz & 5GHz Spectrum Analysis"

Chanalyzer is a utility that comes with the Wi-Spy product from Metageek. An RF transmission spectrum analysis tool, it is used for visual evaluations of WiFi channels and transmitters, allowing users to see where interference may be occurring and which channels have the least noise. Measuring channel noise can be critical in some WiFi networks’ cases because it gives the user a picture of how “clear” communications are proceeding along that channel: the less noise there is, the steadier and more reliable the WiFi channel will be. The Chanalyzer user, by leveraging the program’s detection and analytical tools, can easily discern points of interference—whether they are due to channel overlaps, other devices, or multiple devices on a single channel—and find the channel that is least or not affected by said interference. This means he can choose which channel will deliver optimal results for his WiFi usage.

The program is often used in business settings, as many of the tools in it are aimed at WiFi network administrators. It has the ability to perform spectrum diagnostics remotely as well as generate reports of data results (as CSVs).

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