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"Insperity OrgPlus Reader"

OrgPlus Reader is the program for consumers of products created by the OrgPlus program. Insperity’s OrgPlus software is a charting application for organizational use: it allows groups like corporations to visualize as well as analyze their human resources through charts.

OrgPlus Reader is unable to create org charts in itself, as it is not an authoring application. What it does do is provide users with a way to access charts generated by OrgPlus in read-only mode. The application also has search functions in it, so users can seek specific persons within the chart with ease. Essential navigational viewing options are also included in the software, which lets users pan their views, zoom in or out of the chart, and more.

While the program cannot create OrgPlus charts, as mentioned, it can in fact export chart data, albeit into another format: chart data can be converted in XLS format by the software, which is also able to print charts needed by the user. Users can specify that only a particular region of the chart should be printed out too, if they do not require the entire org chart.

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