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The Avigilon Control Center Player gives users image detail with an Avigilon surveillance system. This software works together with a wide variety of cameras, bringing both image quality and coverage. Their High-Definition Stream Management technology saves full image integrity through lossless compression, while taking care of bandwidth and storage. Users can locate scene changes, missing events and objects with a video search known as the Avigilon Control Center. This software provides its users with complete control over surveillance video playback. This allows them to retrieve evidence swiftly and speed up investigations and response times.

Avigilon Control Center also gives a variety of cameras that bring image quality. One 29 MP Avigilon camera covers a similar area as up to 95 traditional analog cameras. This software is designed with openness in mind. It can recognize any Avigilon or third-party IP camera. It works seamlessly with their access control, external alarms, intercoms, or POS systems. Plus their cameras work with other types of VMS platforms. Camera after camera can be added without any increase in the bandwidth, hardware, or servers. Avigilon scales with its users, so they can invest in what matters to them the most, increasing their business.

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