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Tracking the Eye.NET is a hurricane tracking utility that can run on several different devices: laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. The program leverages the power of the National Hurricane Center in order to deliver accurate hurricane positioning data in real-time to the user. The graphical interface displays a global map upon which hurricane paths may be tracked: the device sources the data from the servers, then displays it all as a predicted and past trail of the hurricane’s path over the map. This allows users to see precisely where the hurricane has gone and where experts are predicting it shall go next.

The program’s interface allows the user to pan and zoom into the map for added details. Users can also get information on the predicted landing time for a particular hurricane in a specific location, e.g. the predicted time and date of Hurricane X’s arrival at City Y. Other crucial data is also made available, including safety advisories as well as the probabilities of each hurricane striking certain areas. A database stores post hurricane info for future reference, users can generate graphs of hurricane strength or speed, and satellite images are downloadable via the utility.

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