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The Genie Backup Manager is a program for Windows users that can create backup files of just about every type of data, whether it is a set of documents, some email messages, or even a complete computer system. As may be expected from something purporting to be a comprehensive solution for backing up data, there are automation options, including a scheduler for automated backup operations. The program can write backup files to virtually any storage medium and send them over a variety of channels for remote storage (whether it is FTP or network). It also has allowances for data protection such as military-grade encrypting and password protection.

Backed up data can be compressed if the user needs to conserve space. It also supports a distinct backup mode for laptop users who might be concerned about their battery life. Backup operations can be paused and resumed at will and even postponed. It supports mirror backup, which means files deleted from the original will be deleted too from the mirroring (backup) directory. Users also gain access to a wizard that aids them in the process of recovering backup data in case of disaster.

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