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3D Rad Compiler is a software that is made for both commercial and non-commercial usage. This is also a previous version of the 3D Rad, which utilizes ODE instead of NVidia PhysX for physics simulation. Users will be able to use realistic physics and collision detection for their 3D models. They can do this through importing these models to the 3D Rad project, without any type of coding. These bodies can also be visually merged with working springs, joints, forces, and even airfoils to build any type of system such as ragdolls, machines, cars and aircraft.

3D Rad comes with unified shaders, to make creating eye-catching scenes easier. These shades are made to integrate freely with pre-made natural environment elements, a snap-together road system, and other types of helpful resources given by the community. 3D Rad consists of sample projects which can teach users how to render in real-time, or in a remotely-connected PC simulation that is processed on local machines. It also educate users on how to trade textual strings between attached computers, and how to download artworks from another server to update the 3D world run-time.

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