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"BrainWave Generator"

Noromaa Solutions Oy’s BrainWave Generator is brain stimulation software using binaural beat frequencies. Binaural beats are sounds used to stimulate various neurological reactions that are still being investigated by scientists, with the range of the described effects from their perception going from pain minimization to enhanced creativity. Some have also reported improved information uptake, smoother learning experiences for various tasks, and a reduction of stress.

The BrainWave Generator program creates binaural tunes to help users achieve these effects. The user gets to select the background sound for the binaural beats to be layered over: there are a number of preloaded background tunes in the application, most being of the “nature sounds” type (thunder, waves, flowing water, etc.). A special option even permits the user to select noise (white noise, although its properties are adjustable) to be the background. That having been said, the user is also given the option of importing more background sounds, although they have to be in the WAV format.

Users can also make their own binaural beats, can save their custom beats, and can play them at the same time that they are playing other tunes on their computers.

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