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"Website Design Software | NetObjects Fusion 2015"

NetObjects Fusion is a program developed by NetObjects.Inc for web designers. Ever since the program’s initial release, it was one of the more commonly used programs of its kind, with the program gaining a particularly large following in the German market. It is slightly less popular in the English-speaking countries, but still enjoys a fair reputation as one of the main choices for website design software.

The program sports several utilities that its developers claim, facilitate the act of website creation. First, it has a visual site editor for those who want to build a site from the ground up but have no programming experience. Second, it has a website design wizard capable of leveraging several premade templates, images, and designs for various steps in the process—with users granted permission for more web design resources online. Third, it offers quick payment processor integration for those setting up shop on the Web. Fourth, it has SiteSafe, a utility that helps the user create backup site data as insurance against a crash. And fifth, the program has Google Analytics baked right into it, letting web designers get a head start on their SEO.

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