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"Mercury​ ​- The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC)"

The Mercury application comes from The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, and it is used for visualizing and analyzing crystallographic structures. It is thus used primarily for either research or learning, providing users with a full-featured environment for exploring and constructing accurate crystal structures for educational purposes. Users can generate a wide variety of diagrams and graphics using the software, which is capable of accepting plotting and parametric data. This data may be leveraged by the program to generate precise structures according to order, supporting query-defined projects. The program’s graphics tools are sufficiently customizable and professional to have been used more than once in the creation of published structural visualizations in this field of study.

More than being appealing to the eye, as it were, the graphics generated by Mercury are also highly dynamic, with user interactions with them ranging from slicing structures for analysis of their principal components. Users can perform a long list of relevant calculations on structures as well, and even perform calculations of intermolecular potentials if need be. The utility is capable of creating both 2D images such as graphs (histograms, for example) and 3D images such as the actual structures themselves.

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