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"Convert Image to PDF is an easy to use tool to convert Tiff to PDF, Convert JPEG to PDF, and convert BMP to PDF."

The descriptively-titled Convert Image to PDF software from Softinterface does just what its name promises it shall do. That is, it can take image files using formats such as BMP, JPEG or GIF (among others) and convert them into PDF files so that they are viewable using viewers such as Adobe Reader. The program does a little more than that, though: it can also serve as a conversion assistant, at least for these types of conversions, by giving the user the tools for automating key parts of the process or scheduling repetitive conversion tasks.

Users can run a particular conversion at a particular date and time, for example. It is also possible for the user to arrange for the program to move the input (image) files to another location after the conversion is finished—it may even delete them if set to do so following completion of a task. The software also boasts batch conversion abilities, along with controls for pausing and starting conversions if the user needs to free up system memory. Finally, it can integrate with the Explorer shell, so Windows users can simply right-click on an image file to bring up an option for converting it into a PDF.

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