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"dBASE - theBASE for all things data, with dBASE™ PLUS 10, dbDOS™ PRO 4, dbfExport™, dbfImport™, dbfCompare™ and dbfInspect™ - dBase, LLC."

The dBASE PLUS introduces new developer productivity features that make writing better code a reality. dBASE PLUS comes with a new editor that is filled with features to speed development, with the introduction of Communication ActiveX controls offered by Catalyst. The new version can still support forward compatibility features, such as support for the BDE, ADO, High Precision Math, and the advanced Runtime features. Now, it has the ability to package applications with its new Themes support. This was introduced in the prior product release with the updated Project Manager.

This program develops feature-rich database applications. dBASE PLUS 9 is a database application development environment that contains a new object oriented programming language called dBL. It runs on 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, including the newest version of Windows 8. dBASE PLUS is used to create different applications including web apps that run in either IIS or Apache. It also runs Windows apps in either 64-bit or 32-bit operating systems, middleware applications, or server-based applications. The new editor in dBASE PLUS 9 carries new programmer functionalities that will assist developers in increasing their productivity, and get their jobs done.

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