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The Swiss-Manager software is an administration and pairing application for chess tournaments developed by Dipl. The program is approved by FIDE; the world’s governing body for chess. It supports more than 25 languages such as English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish and Russian among others. Also, it supports Japanese Unicode.

Swiss-Manager covers pairing formats such as round robin, team-round robin, Swiss-system, and team Swiss-system tournaments. It can accommodate up to 1,500 participants and 23 rounds for the Swiss system; 150 rounds for round robins; 1500 participants and up to 50 teams for team round robins and 1500 participants, 300 teams and 23 rounds for team Swiss system.

Swiss-Manager features a simple player input with FIDE and national rating list. It also features a rapid and reliable pairing which takes only few seconds. In addition, the program can process tournaments simultaneously. Moreover, player data input and change, results data input and change, print list, player exclude, enter player after first round as well as continue player after exclusion situations are also accommodated through special functions.

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