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"LiveNote Stream Deposition Software | Legal Solutions"

LiveNote Stream is one of Thomson Reuters’s Legal Solutions, a program that helps litigation teams share deposition notes and records smoothly with each other no matter where each member of the team may be. The program essentially provides an audio-visual recording, live streaming and communications interface for team members granted authorization to witness the same deposition. It is considered superior to programs that share mere text recordings (transcripts) with team members since depositions are best evaluated from a multi-sensory stance, with vocal, verbal, and visual cues being part of the analytical process. Moreover, using LiveNote Stream supplies users with secure video streaming protocols that provide layers of protection discouraging outsiders from hacking into and intercepting streamed content. Finally, the use of the LiveNote software can help litigation teams bring down their travel-related costs by leveraging the power of the Web.

LiveNote Stream requires Microsoft’s Internet Explorer program to work. Of course, given the nature of streaming, it also requires a stable broadband Net connection. The program supports team communications, but there is an alternative (zero-cost) version of it also distributed by Thomson Reuters for those who merely want the ability to access or view streams.

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