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"Technology Solutions for Ongoing Product & Service Advantage | PTC"

Arbortext Editor is an adopted XML authoring software. This software can assist users in building up-to-date, and product-centric content. Authors will be able to inscribe appropriate content for end-users and support organizations. This content is presented in the media format desired-including service manuals, mobile-optimized parts catalogs, operating manuals, and Web-based training programs and installation guides.

The Arbortext Editor supports the editing and creating of XML component-based assemblies and content, for a reuse. This way, users won’t have to spend time re-inputting text or placing similar changes to many versions of the same copy. By integrating with Arbortext Content Manager and Windchill, it can offer contextual information which is parallel to the original product definition. This guarantees accuracy in information, consistency, and relevance. This software supports industry standards including the S1000D and DITA. Arbortext Editor permits its authors include interactive, CAD-driven 2D and 3D technical illustrations. By allowing the production of topic-based content, Arbortext Editor lets its users build products and service information that can assist in optimizing the service, operation, and repair of products.

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