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Picaboo is the software intended for designing and sharing users’ own picture albums and photo-cards. When using the Picaboo client software, all books, cards and related Content belonging to the users are viewable only by them unless they are openly shared with others. Through the Picaboo Network, only the users, the users’ Recipients and their Recipients can view their Content. A Recipient is defined as a Picaboo member with whom users share their Content. When users decide to share their Content with Recipients, those Recipients will be able to see users’ Content online via a link in a browser, or via their Picaboo software if they have installed it.

With Picaboo Client software, Recipients can forward the Content shared by users to their recipients and will be able to print and order bound versions of the shared Content as well. Picaboo gives no assurances or warranties that users’ books, cards or other products and content are completely protected.

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