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Quick Zip (often written without the space, as “QuickZip”) is a file compression and archiving application that can be downloaded and used with no fees to the developer. The program supports a GUI very similar to the default Windows Explorer one, so most Windows users often find it simple to operate—at least if they are aiming to make use of only its core features. Drag-and-drop into the window is supported, users can access any directory in their hard drive by opening it specifically or looking for it in the tree view at the side of the window, and the toolbar hosts several of the key commands.

The software will also export archived files using any of 36 possible compressed file extensions, and have the ability to create an association between various archive types and menus. The program is also able to extract most of the typical archive file formats, including ZIP and 7Z. It can integrate into the Windows Explorer shell so that users can bring it up as an option for files when they right-click and it will work with Windows 9x to Vista.

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