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"Baidu PC Faster | We Make PC Faster"

This is a deep cleaning technology which makes the user’s PC perform like new again, with four cleaning modes and more than 300 cleaning checkpoints. All together, it’s a comprehensive PC cleaning solution. Smart technology offers personalized and intelligent acceleration for game enthusiasts. With the automatic Game Faster mode, hardcore gamers can take full control of the system with its custom settings. The program continually updates their process database to give the user a full range of acceleration through their Speed Up and Faster Now functions.

The user will always have the speed he wants and needs. It also cleans the user’s computer history, including internet browsing, system operations, office software, video viewing, and applications, so the user will always have a level of personal protection. The main sections of the program refer to Home, Win Update, Cleaner, Speed Up, Cloud Scan, Tool Box, as well as an app store. The first area of the software, which loads upon starting up the application, offers a Quick Care button that runs a few tests for cleaning up junk and privacy files, as well as registry entries.

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