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"SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author 8.0 – SAP Help Portal Page"

Right Hemisphere’s Deep Exploration CAD was the old product name for a program known today as the SAP Visual Enterprise Author. It was a 2D/3D graphics creator that came with a prebundled set of CAD assets and which offered users the ability to import more from third-party sources if needed. The target outputs were product graphics, intended for distribution by businesses to their consumers (as promotions, catalogues, or parts of service support, for example).

The program allowed graphic authors to export or publish their images in a number of formats that included PDF and the standard 2D and 3D image file formats. The current version of the software, Visual Enterprise Author from SAP, offers much the same downstream-usage graphics authoring abilities and is currently bundled with two other SAP programs, the SAP Visual Enterprise Generator and the SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer as part of the company’s 3D Visual Enterprise Software Suite. While the program still supports 2D graphic creation and management, the emphasis has shifted to 3D graphics in the newest versions. As with the older program (Deep Exploration), the current software supports a long list of CAD formats.

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