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DownloadTerms is a Browser Extension that will directly insert advertisements into the current web pages visited by the user browser. Aside from that, it also helps you search meanings to words that are not familiar to you which make it difficult for you to understand the contents of the page you are reading from.
To avoid disturbing you from focused reading, you can just easily highlight a term and DownloadTerms will do the job of finding the meaning of the word and then present it to you without serving as a distraction. Thus, this helps you to digest a content easily and quickly.

DownloadTerms is completely free making it accessible to almost everyone. The developer, which is in downloads, collect revenue from users who inserts non-interfering advertisements into web pages while browsing. These revenues are used to pay the dedicated staff who continue to invent softwares and programs useful for the mankind. In terms of security and privacy, DownloadTerms protects users very stricly. Un Downloads values and respects their customers They have a strong commitment on providing good quality products and keeping their users safe.

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