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"Business Intelligence & Document Management Solutions"

The Compleo Suite of software, developed by Symtrax, consists of several output management programs that allow the user to manage output files from any of its supported systems such as IBM Power i, UNIX, Windows, Oracle and ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

The Suite is comprised of 7 modules: Compleo Explorer, Compleo Layout, Compleo Designer, and Compleo for XML, Compleo Supervisor, Compleo Reviewer and Compleo Archivor. Each program has its specific uses, but all are intended for helping the user with managing output files.

For instance, Compleo Explorer provides the user with several applications that assist them with managing output documents. The user is provided with tools for making reports, reformatting templates that they can utilize for spooling files, import utility for importing files to MS Office apps such as MS Word, Excel and Access; plus printing options that allow them to print specific pages only.

Compleo Layout on the other hand, is a utility for redesigning ERP documents. It includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which allows the user to include barcodes, graphics and other image files onto the documents.

All software included in the Compleo Suite is compatible with Windows, and offered for purchase only. The user however, can download a trial version of the Suite. It can be utilized for up to ten days only.

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