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"Webshots - Free Wallpaper, Desktop Wallpaper and Free Screensavers"

Smile Desktop is an application developed by Webshots for their photo-sharing and photo management website, Smile. Formerly known as Webshots Desktop, the software mainly functions as a download manager for wallpapers that are provided on the Smile website. The website features a large collection of desktop wallpapers that can be downloaded and immediately applied as desktop wallpaper.

Before the user can begin downloading wallpaper, they first need to create an account with Smile. When they have registered for an account, they can then select the Smile Desktop app from the Account Setup dropdown menu.

To download or upload wallpaper, the user must also first log-in to access their account. The user is provided with two download options: Make Wallpaper or Add to Screensaver. Selecting the Add to Screensaver option will save the photo on the user’s Smile Desktop download folder.

The user may upload their photos to their account via the Smile or the Streams directory. When a photo has been added to the collection, the user may access this directly from their Smile Desktop folder at any given time without being required to log-in first.

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