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"Ares Plus"

Ares Plus is a peer-to-peer file sharing program that enables users to share and download files on the Internet through a P2P network that the program connects the user to. Ares Plus is an open source program that allows users to publish their files online via the P2P network. Any files published through the Ares network can be downloaded by the Ares Plus user.

The types of files that can be shared and downloaded include music and audio files, movies, videos, documents, music lyrics, applications, software programs and photos. Ares Plus supports the BitTorrent and Gnutella protocols, enabling users to download through these file sharing protocols.

The software also includes an embedded Web browser and a search engine to enable users to search for files within the program’s interface. Options provided on the Graphical User Interface are Library, Screen, Search, Transfer, Chat, Control Panel and Update.

The user can play or preview a file before downloading, chat with other users currently connected to the network and also select the default language of the user interface.

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