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"Deals Plugin - Deals and Coupons Directly in your Browser!"

Deals Plugin Extension is a small application that installs on the user’s Web browser. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The browser extension functions as a shopping tool for users who frequently buy products online.

The application is designed to run as a background process every time the user is connected to the Internet. This enables the application to detect when a user has accessed a particular online shopping service, or has inputted keywords on the search box of their default search engine, that are related to certain products or online shops.

The plug-in searches their database for coupons that are relevant to the user. When coupons are available, a red tag similar to a price tag displays on the upper right corner of the browser. When the tag is clicked, or the mouse pointer is positioned on top of it, a list of coupons will display. If the user wishes to avail of any of the coupons, they can click on it and it will be applied to their purchase.

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