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Autosar System Description Network Explorer is a process that is associated with the AUTOSAR ECU (Engine Control Unit) software. The ECU system provides the user with a virtual functional bus, which enables the various components of the software to communicate with one another regardless of hardware. It also allows the user to take advantage of the functionalities of the software.

During the development stages of the system, specifically for system design, the reference architecture for the ECU program is identified, and network communication is undertaken. The entire process yields the system description in an XML file. When the user needs to generate an ECU system description from the XML file, they utilize the Autosar System Description Network Explorer, allowing them to generate a file that corresponds to the specific ECU.

Several programs and tools are provided by the developers for ECUs. These include ECU basic software, modules for designing software components, a software component tester, and tools for simulating networks.

The programs can be purchased from the AUTOSAR website. The user may also request for a training class on the software that they purchased. Price quotations and trainings can be requested from the developer’s website.

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