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Comodo Ice Dragon is a Mozilla Firefox-based Internet browser. This offers performance and security enhancement to the core browser. It specifically works on speeding page loading through Comodo’s integrated secure DNS service and social media integration.

Other features of this software include privacy and performance enhancement over the Firefox core browser, scans webpages for malware right from the browser, and fully compatible with Firefox plug-ins and extensions.

For installation, there are several options that will include the user’s Internet connection to be set in Comodo’s secure and free Secure DNS service all the time. With this, the browsing details will be kept secure and will not be shared with third parties. Also, the software promises safety against DNS hijacking as it filters suspected malware domains.

In addition, it includes a SiteInspector tool which scans Web pages for unwanted malware through alerting the user on web sites which might contain malicious and unwanted malware.

Moreover, users can also navigate the added Facebook button for more convenient sharing with friends.

Overall, Comodo Ice Dragon’s browser design and layout looks a lot like the Mozilla. The only difference is the color.

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