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"パソコンFAXソフト STARFAX シリーズ|メガソフト"

Starfax is an office productivity tool from Megasoft which allows users to send and receive faxes right on their Windows computer without actually having a fax machine. This not only saves paper and toner ink, but also time, as a fax sent to the computer can be viewed right away (and can be saved so it can be printed later on). The consumer product is Starfax, while another edition, Starfax Server, is for IT professionals working in a corporate environment and offers more networking tools. Both editions are in the Japanese language only.

Starfax works on most kinds of modems, and as it’s updated the list of modems it supports grows. According to Megasoft, Starfax is at least 2 times faster than conventional fax to fax transmission. It also allows batch sending, such as when sending a fax document to multiple recipients at once without having to dial their fax number at a time when using fax hardware. It can send to up to 10,000 recipients at a time. Another advantage of Starfax over physical fax machines is that the copy is clear, without the distortion, crumpling, and ink blotting of fax machines.

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